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For a moment, forget what you know about care homes, elderly care, and nursing homes and imagine something totally new and different.


• A beautifully renovated home-like place, expertly designed for senior living.

Clean, smell-free environment with nice fresh air.

• Expert carers that feel more like friends

• Hobbies, activities and entertainments

• Excellent meals everyday, freshly cooked by our chef


Providing comprehensive care and nursing that addresses the specific needs of aging requires experience and expertise. When Eldercare’s credentials in this area are combined with our high quality home-like surroundings and extra services, it all amounts to the best offering for seniors and their supporting family members.


Our purpose built facilities is within 20 mins drive to 9 major hospitals and centrally located making it easy for friends and family to visit. Tastefully renovated to have an exclusive feel and function, our nursing home is fully air-conditioned to ensure clean air and temperature maintained to ensure it isn’t too hot or cold for our residents. Our principles of service drive our attitude and care.

To formalise our feelings about our residents: We believe our residents deserve the best.


General information

Services summary :

· Care, Assistance and Nursing - 24 hours a day

· Ongoing assessment and monitoring of needs by Qualified Nursing Staff

· Regularly scheduled medical assessments

· Blood pressure and weight monitoring

· Medication management, from reminders to administration

· Assistance with bathing, dressing and hygiene

· Individual Service and Care Plans

· Physical assistance

· Regular doctors visits

· Very appetising,appealingly decorated, hotel standard, nutritionally balanced meals (Do ask for this week’s menu during your visit)

· clean fully air conditioned smell-free environment

· complimentary physiotherapy

· complimentary soothing reflexology-massage